All Connections Are Now Free Of Charge

Learn more about the connections which are already on the Spell list and now can be accessed absolutely for free.


Facilitate To Innovate: How Payment Facilitators Enable The Economy

Becoming a payment facilitator is a complicated regulatory and technological process; however, this role enables building innovative business models around payments and can be critical for success. Spell has built the SaaS platform designed to run payment facilitators’ businesses most efficiently and help them play their 'A' game.


Overview Of The Essential PSP Business Model Building Blocks

In this article, we take a closer look at the essential business model building blocks of payment service providers so you can ideate the right model design for your payments business.


Top Benefits Of Using Payments-as-a-Service Platforms

We describe the key payments SaaS benefits and features and review why Spell is one of the best choices for PayTech companies looking for a top-notch payments-as-a-service platform.


How To Start A Payment Processing Company

If you’re considering how to start a payment processing company, this is a useful article to read. We outline the options and why the white label is most likely the best, most profitable, and cost-effective route for your business.

Sales Tools

Links For Marketing Campaigns: What Are They, And Why Businesses Need Them?

In this article, we take a closer look at Links functionality within Spell, reviewing their main features and how your business clients can benefit from them. 


Essentials Of White Label Billing Software: Features To Look For

In this article, you will learn which features are crucial for an efficient billing platform, what pitfalls to avoid and how Spell has got you covered, offering an affordable white label billing software united with many other payment tools within one platform.

Payment Gateway

Payment Orchestration Platform: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The powerful payment orchestration capabilities are a genuine part of Spell’s platform designed to optimize and scale payments businesses. In this article, we explain what a payment orchestration platform is, and how it works.

Payment Gateway

Why Work With Spell For A White Label Payment Gateway? Overview

Learn about how Spell, a white label payment gateway, helps accelerate e-commerce brands and financial companies.

We see Spell as a Formula 1 pit stop for payment businesses, where they can update their vehicle at light-speed and get back on track to win the race.
— Jevgenijs Novickis, Spell CEO

SIA Spell and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia have entered into agreements: No. JU-L-2021/10 within project No. JU-PI-2021/18 - to receive support in attracting highly qualified employees dedicated to developing new features of the SaaS PayTech platform, and No. SKVL-2022/355 within project No. to receive support in international marketing activities.