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Are Spell services limited to any specific country or region?
Do I need a financial license to partner with Spell?
Can I open a merchant account for my website or app with Spell?
Can I setup payment orchestration platform for my business with Spell?
What are the fees for Spell platform?
We see Spell as a Formula 1 pit stop for payment businesses, where they can update their vehicle at light-speed and get back on track to win the race.
— Jevgenijs Novickis, Spell CEO

SIA Spell entered into agreement No. JU-L-2021/10 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for European Regional Development Fund project No. JU-PI-2021/18 - to receive support for attracting highly qualified employees dedicated to developing new features of the SaaS PayTech platform, which will help our clients increase sales and efficiently scale operations and decrease project implementation costs.