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Are Spell services limited to any specific country or region?
Do I need a financial license to partner with Spell?
Can I open a merchant account for my website or app with Spell?
Can I setup payment orchestration platform for my business with Spell?
What are the fees for Spell platform?
We see Spell as a Formula 1 pit stop for payment businesses, where they can update their vehicle at light-speed and get back on track to win the race.
— Jevgenijs Novickis, Spell CEO

SIA Spell and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia have entered into agreements: No. JU-L-2021/10 within project No. JU-PI-2021/18 - to receive support in attracting highly qualified employees dedicated to developing new features of the SaaS PayTech platform, and No. SKVL-2022/355 within project No. to receive support in international marketing activities.